Are you looking for a luxury caterer who can provide your catering in a traditional way? Then look no further, Petite Cuisine – Catering Zeewolde can provide it for you. I provide catering for your bbq, birthday, garden party, open house, corporate party, anniversary party, event, wedding party, family party, or any party.

As a caterer I provide barbeques, deluxe hot and cold appetizers,, deluxe platters, salads, buffets, and complete dinners. Everything is fresh and artisanally prepared by me, with no additives of aromas, colors or flavors.


Who am I?

My name is Sandra Bugter, founder of Petite Cuisine – Catering Zeewolde and have been living in Zeewolde for over 12 years. I received my chef’s degree in 1989. After years of working in the catering industry in various renowned restaurants, I moved abroad in 1995. There I specialized in Mediterranean cuisine, Italian, Greek and Turkish. By now I have very much experience with various exotic dishes & spices.

Through this experience, it has become my passion to prepare food in an artisanal way.

I can take care of your party, event, dinner, or catering completely, in terms of food and drinks and overall decoration. With my food truck I can also make sure that your party has a nice eye-catcher.

Would you like information or a quote? Mail or call me.

Mail: info@petite-cuisine.nl
Phone: 06 19855859


I hire me as an assistant & consultant for various events. So you can hire me for catering events, pop-up, walking dinner, food photo shoots, trade shows, food stands. I am also available for event catering. Thanks to my years of experience I can also give you culinary & business advice.


Catering Foodtruck

With my catering food truck I can cater various events & themes. I can be hired for private as well as business events. The food truck can be transformed into various themes. For example: Happas & tappas Asian & oriental Italian pasta & so or street food. Ask for the possibilities.

Private Dining

Do you have plans for a dinner party at home? Let me take care of it and I will turn it into a culinary evening with high-quality gourmet dishes based on daily fresh local products. With this 4 or 5 course dinner you will be pampered the whole evening starting with a surprising amuse, refreshing entrees, unforgettable vegetarian or meat-fish dishes and ending with cheeses or a sweet dessert. This adapted by season and accompanying wines.